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Hey there .... I'm Gavin .... I make music as Hawke and with Hardkiss. I'm a creator of music and books, a storyteller, a parent and a guardian of ideas about how to create a better future.

I wrote a book titled THE DARK ART OF LIGHT WORK which explores the mind, Consciousness and esoteric wisdom.  I also created a 4 week virtual workshop with a practical approach to creating a better reality.  


What We Will Be Exploring?

What is creativity?

Becoming more creative

Building new realities

The mind and Consciousness

Modern esoterica

The imaginal realm

Practical tools for hacking your future

WhenWe Will Be Exploring?

New sessions every month

Google Hangouts

4 weeks

What You Will Need?

An open and curious mind

A sharpie

White paper

Download the custom app

(some reading ..... some homework .... not a lot)

  KIND WORDS   Previous Workshops  

"Over the four weeks I found the sessions really exciting and creative and I learned about many new tools that I had no idea existed. Also learning about new writers and thought-leaders was a great intellectual turn on for me. And the paper exercise stepping into the future was beautiful." - Andy

"It was a priveledge to do this important work with Hawk _ Not your ho-hum inner work. This work meets you where you currently are in this space and expands the mind .... i don't have descriptive words for the feels this emotes other than to be WOWED." - Kate

"Thank you Gavin! This has been a gift and a beautiful ride. I really appreciate these new actions and new concepts to delve into. Mostly, I am really excited that from here we will take to the air collectively. I have been working on that for the last decade and a half .... it really takes the fear out of the present for me. Let's fly." - Katie

"I absolutely enjoyed it and found myself looking forward to it every week. It reactivated a neglected part of myself and my life.  I intend to continue working on the things we started, and to follow the breadcrumbs to the deeper parts of the forest." - Julie

"Cheers Gavin! Thanks for doing this work and thinking that you wanted to bring other people along" - Stacie

"Pretty bold adventure you took on here, but not surprising that you delivered an engaging and meaningful experience. The sessions shifted my expectations about how our thoughts and imagination can positively impact reality. I've been drawing from the experience in meaningful ways and will revisit the book and other tools, especially when I need to adjust or alter course." - Steve

What You Get?

Tools to create a better future



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