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The Dark Art of Light Work

the new Hawke album

produced by Gavin Hardkiss

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There's an unsettled feeling in the world and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I dug around my mind searching for an antidote. I wanted to poison the ugliness and corruption with a contagion of another kind. Something alert, beautiful, peaceful, contemplative and hopeful. I wanted to summons some kind of new moment. A future that we each deserve.
The best parts of my imagination came together to form what I call The Dark Art of Light Work
It's an 18 song album released as a book and NFTs in collaboration with Kat Pagan - Gavin Hardkiss


What is Hawke?

Soon after releasing the first Hawke single “3 Nudes In A Purple Garden,” featured on the classic Hardkiss album DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, Gavin Hardkiss started focusing on producing albums that strayed from the well beaten paths of genre-centric electronic music.


Hawke began to materialize through the many collaborations and original sound clashes that would develop over time. The first Hawke album NAMAQUADISCO was released on Sunburn Recordings in 1998. HEATSTROKE was released on Six Degrees Records in 2000. LOVE WON ANOTHER, described by the Orlando Weekly as “thick with the stoned-out, everything’s-cool-man optimism,” spawned two remix album and several music videos. In 2009 “+++” was released, and in 2017, LOVE IN STARS debuted with a treasure hunt with golden USB drives hiddened in the hills around the Bay Area (read about it here).

THE DARK ART OF LIGHT WORK is the 6th Hawke album. The album came together through sound experiments and collaborations including performances by SF house music legend Sen Sei, Berkeley street musician Michael Masley, the Novato School of Arts Choir, Joan Baez's percussionist Gabe Harris, vocalist Paige Sergent, Kathryn Keats and Joclyn Lawrence, sound mystic Padma Aon, Rebel Crew's own Joe Belmarz and original Lower Haight rapper Scott Samels.

To maintain the integrity of the listening experience, THE DARK ART OF LIGHT WORK has been released as a continuous mix through BandCamp. 

At the same time, a manuscript was written that is inseparable from the the music. It's an examination of how the imagination creates reality and how we create the world we live in.  In an effort to create a meaningful impact and pass this knowledge on to like minded individuals,  the album is being sold as a book.


Gavin Hardkiss has remixed the likes of Youssou N’Dour, Brazilian Girls, Elton John and Michael Franti, performed alongside Snoop Dogg and The Buena Vista Social Club and released recordings in Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 2010, the song “Mundo Via Afrika” was featured on the official Sony World Cup album “Hello Africa,” alongside the best of contemporary African musicians. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gavin Hardkiss now makes his home across the Golden Gate Bridge.



  The Hawke Vault    Available As Single ZIP Folder  

50+ songs comprising of the Hawke catalog plus unreleased songs including the albums Namaquadisco, Heatstroke, Love Won Another, Plus Plus Plus and Love In Stars.

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