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Gavin Hardkiss Collection (2008-2021)

zipped digital download of 100+ MP3s



UNRELEASED: Track Listing + Liner Notes

title *** artist *** label *** 


Doing It Right In Nautica - Daft Punk - Gavin Hardkiss Edit - Unreleased

     -Made for a poolside jam in Dallas Texas as an opening track and became a staple.


Safe With U - Gavin Hardkiss  - Unreleased

     -Revitalized house version of the Motown classic


Intro ... Pathos, Pathos - Kishibashi - Gavin Hardkiss Remix  - Unreleased

     -Heavenly breakbeat version that had to be done after hearing it live at a concert in San Francisco


Lost In Love - Air Supply - Gavin Hardkiss Remix  - Unreleased

     -A minimal house working of a song from my star eyed youth


Whole Lotta Fluff - Led Zeppelin - Gavin Hardkiss Remix  - Unreleased

     -A balls out breakbeat version of the classic that wins every time

Ganguly - Gavin Hardkiss  - Unreleased

     -Originally created for the Sony Metreon as a permanent audio installation then re-tweaked in 2020 for DJ sets


Tango - Gavin Hardkiss - Unreleased

     -Samples from Mexican composer Augustine Lara transmuted with an intro from The Fox in Cadaques


Kiss My Ass - Gavin Hardkiss & Josi - Unreleased

     -Lewd rap from Lower Haight High Hitter Josi might have got us cancelled


Bells - Gavin Hardkiss - Unreleased

     -EDM style breakbeat with bass stylings from the Dirty Bird camp


Gold - Spandau Ballet - Gavin Hardkiss Edit - Unreleased

     -Listened to this tape to death as a kid and wanted a version to add to eclectic DJ sets


Tequila Barhopping - Gavin Hardkiss & Josi - Sunburn Recordings

     -Right time ... right place ... drunk crowd ... freakout

My Girls - El Remelon vs Primal vs Gavin Hardkiss - Unreleased

     -Daft and funky the way these songs talk to each other in the most peculiar way


Remixes: Track Listing + Liner Notes

title *** artist *** label *** 


Super Fantasy - ES1Bar - Gavin Hardkiss Barefoot Remix - Polar Vortex Records

    -Frivolous and icey for the guys at All Good Funk Alliance


We Give - Sumsuch & Danny Williams - Gavin Hardkiss Remix - Colour and Pitch Records

     -Slicing up the original in a way that adds mystery and space


Bikini Days - Bang Bang - Gavin Hardkiss Remix - Eighth Dimension Records

     -Heard DJ Three play this in San Francisco at Public Works and had forgotten how good it sounds


Bid Time Return - 8 Track - Gavin Hardkiss Remix - Base Industry Records

     -Off the cuff sublte tinkering with bells and chimes makes for a tasty rework

Bohemian Berlin Disco - Thrill Hammer - Gavin Hardkiss Defender of Androgeny Remix - Hardkiss Music

     -Proper Acid House work out of the song penned by SF underground heroine and murder victim Bubbles 


Bohemian Berlin Disco - Thrill Hammer - G&R Remix - Hardkiss Music

     -Ryan Stubbs aka Duser and Gavin Hardkiss minimize the original version 


Tengo Sed - Gavin Hardkiss - Amarillo Curioso Mix - Six Degrees Records

     -Admittedly from an earlier time period but popped back into the crate in 2020


Wake Up Africa - Yousour N'Dour - Gavin Hardkiss Remix 

     -Made for a charity album and currently hard to find


Mundo Via Afrika - Gavin Hardkiss - Sony Africa

     -Created for the Official South Africa World Cup album on Sony with vocals by Rita Rita


Balla Balla - Brazilian Girls - Gavin Hardkiss Remix - Six Degrees Records

     -Jump when one of your favorite band from early days asks for a remix 

Hardkiss: Track Listing + Liner Notes

title *** artist *** label *** production


ALBUM: 1991 - Hardkiss  - Hardkiss Music  - Gavin & Robbie Hardkiss

     - 10 song Hardkiss album co-produced with Robbie Hardkiss which brought the Hardkiss story into focus in 2015


Revolution - Hardkiss - Various Gavin Hardkiss Remixes - Hardkiss Music  

     -Remixes from the album 1991


Cameras Are Watching - Hardkiss - Various Gavin Hardkiss Remixes - Hardkiss Music 

     -Remixes from the album 1991


It's Right - Hardkiss - Various Gavin Hardkiss Remixes - Hardkiss Music 

     -Remixes from the album 1991

Flowers Blooming - Hardkiss - Various Gavin Hardkiss Remixes - Hardkiss Music 

     -Remixes from the album 1991


Hawke: Track Listing + Liner Notes

title *** artist *** label *** 


ALBUM: Dark Art of Light Work - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - 18 song album that that explores how the imagination creates reality

ALBUM: Plus Plus Plus - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - Created to accompany artwork at the Project One gallery in San Francisco

ALBUM: Love In Stars - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - Gorgeous layered feathery beast of an album 

Bells of San Anselmo (Remixes) - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - The legend of the Bells is true.  Ask Nick Warren, they exist and they ring every hour

Melody In My Heart (Remixes) - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - Heartfelt beauty of a song remixed by Joe Miller & Jamie Stevens

WarPeace (Remixes) - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - Deep tribal version of the single from Love In Stars

Sunshine People (Remixes) - Hawke - Hardkiss Music 

     - There's a version for every House music DJ including the rare vinyl only remix

Other Releases + Liner Notes

title *** artist *** label *** 


Grand Jete - Gavin Hardkiss - Noice Music

     - A seductive tribal track for DJs who like Sabo and other globalists

Kola Kola - Sunburn Kidz - 

     - Musical experiment with rapper Scorpio B from Houston and the kidz in the basement

Utopia Euphoria - Gavin Hardkiss - Hardkiss Music

     - Always an honor to have Katherine Keats provide guest vocals

Standstill - Sumsuch & Gavin Hardkiss - Colour and Pitch Recordings

     -  A heart squelching classic with vocals by Gavin Hardkiss

Spirit of Pinboi - Bisi 

     -  The first EP collaboration between Gavin and Nigerian singer/songwriter and performer Bisi

Perc Groove EP - Gavin Hardkiss - Do Not SIt Records

     - One for the warehouse. One for the submarine. And one for the desert throwback.  

Better - Bisi & Gavin Hardkiss - Hardkiss Music

     - Written weeks before the George Floyd murder, this is a siocial justice anthem

Grapeseed Meditation - Gavin Hardkiss - Hardkiss Music

     - Very deep hypnotic minimal tech song with remix by Oona Dahl

Knight of the Hawke Fields - Gavin Hardkiss - Eighth Dimension

     - A dance down electric avenue with delightful and odd sound sculptures

Ganga Dances With The Swan - Gavin Hardkiss - Hardkiss Music

     - We got drunk in the studio and made a utopian manifesto that churns a dance floor like nothing

Cantamon - Gavin Hardkiss - Whiskey Disco 

     - Gently rocking on the hammock and going nowhere on this blissful excursion




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