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We've triangulated the Bay Area with gold USB drives that are hidden in magical spots.  The USB drives contain the Hawke music catalog, over 50 songs produced in San Francisco, Calistoga, Oakland and San Rafael, including the new album, Love In Stars.  

If you find a gold USB drive, not only do you get a selection of electronic dance music that pre-dates the Internet and will outlive it, you also get access to the ultimate prize. We're not sure what that is or if it exists at all but it could be life changing.

Clues will be released one at a time.

While waiting for the next clue, go out and do something unusual. Engage in a random act of kindness. Call your mom from a park bench. Hug a friend or compliment a stranger.

Thanks for playing our unusual game and spreading the Hardkiss love +++


(you can win the ultimate prize)

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GOLD USB 2 | FOUND by Kevin Rogers | 5/1

Located in Marin County.  As the Hawke flies, it's at a point on the ocean side of Mt Tam, accessible by foot.  Park your car at these co-ordinates: 37°54'38.4"N 122°36'45.7"W

GOLD USB 1 | FOUND by Erin Roo | 4/27

Located in San Francisco.  As the Hawke flies, it's at a high point that connects The Castro to Corona Heights.  Keep us posted on what you find!

UPDATE 4/14: Reports are that nothing has been found here yet.  The unexpected rain may have moved the USB which is covered in plastic wrapping.  

UPDATE 4/19: Checked and it's still in the crevice marked by gold dust.

GOLD USB 3 | FOUND by Ryan Powell | 4/27


Located in Richmond.  Head through the tunnel to Richmond Point.  Walk along the Ferry Point Loop Trail until the abandoned pier then explore the clues in the video.

What is Hawke?

Hawke is the elaborate music project created by Gavin Hardkiss including collaborations, musical experiments and sound clashes. Gavin's focus with the Hawke project is creating albums that stand on their own. Never part of the mainstream culture, these albums have always been hard to find.  In 1997, the first Hawke album, Namaquadisco, was released on Sunburn Recordings. Heatstroke was released by Six Degrees Records in 2002, and Love Won Another and Plus Plus Plus were released by Eighth Dimension Records in subsequent years.

In 2016, all digital links to these albums were erased from the Internet and Gavin began the task of re-imagining new versions of Love Won Another and Plus Plus Plus as he prepared for the release of the fifth album.

Currently, he is releasing the latest Hawke album titled 'Music In Stars' together with the entire Hawke catalog through a PledgeMusic campaign.

In his words, "By some sheer act of magic, all the rights to my music reverted back to me in 2016, and I thought that it was time to something interesting and scarce.  In the tradition of the Surrealists and Situationists, I thought it would be a bold statement to bury my music in the cement of the high tech high rises in San Francisco, and in the hills triangulating the Bay Area.  This way my music becomes part of the city skyscape and part of the landscape.  I like the idea of it buried in the safe haven of cement and mud, preserved for future generations."

"I thought it would be interesting to put my music in nature.  Spots with good views or nice surroundings.  Places that people could visit and spend time away from their screens. The treasure hunt idea seemed like more fun than anything on a screen, plus someone might find something scarce along the way like a gold USB with all of my music.  They can take it home, put it on and who knows what will happen next."

#lovewonanother  #hawkemusichunt  #gavinhardkiss  #hardkissforever #hardkissmusic


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