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It's Right (Remixes) -- Out Now on BeatPort Exclusive



San Francisco electronic music mainstays, the Hardkiss Brothers release double remix EPs of “It's Right”.  For this, the forth single off their sentimental spring album release '1991', Hardkiss reached into their own Bay Area backyard and around the globe to deliver a diverse collection of remixes.


Global Family Remixes features versions by a host of international artists from Africa, Europe and the USA including Stephane Deschezeaux, rAin, N'Dinga Gaba, Constar and Gavin Hardkiss.  


The San Francisco Family Remixes features versions from David Harness, Freakpusher, Robbie Hardkiss and Gavin Hardkiss.


Stephane Deschezeaux runs Springbok Records in France.  Rain is an up and coming dj/producer from Mauritius.  N'Dinga Gaba is originally from the Central African Republic and is a popular house DJ in South Africa.


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