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 Robbie Hardkiss 

Back in 90’s San Francisco; Scott, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss helped pioneer the American EDM/Rave scene with their club nights, warehouse parties and groundbreaking record label. They forged a new direction for dance music with a string of vinyl releases culminating in the seminal compilation, DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.  DELUSIONS…made the Billboard dance charts, went to #1 on the Rolling Stone alternative album chart and launched the international DJ/production careers of the Hardkiss brothers.


After Hardkiss Music shut down at the end of the decade, Robbie moved to Austin and released music on other labels. Highlights include Champagne Beat Boogie on Hardkiss offshoot, Sunburn Recordings; and Everything Is Changing, released by revered London label, Classic Music Company. Classic remixed, reworked and re-released Everything… about a zillion times!


Now, after a decade in different cities, Robbie and Gavin have reunited in the Bay Area to relaunch the Hardkiss Music label with the release their  new album - Hardkiss 1991. They’re also currently making noise with their new single releases “Revolution” on San Diego’s Siesta Records  and  “RetroactiveFuturisticPsychedelicFunkBump” on Austin label, Whiskey Pickle


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